Children Parties

We are here to make your children’s celebrations unique and memorable with original party ideas, games, activities and themes. We are more than happy to entertain at your home, in the garden (weather permitting) or a venue.

We have public liability insurance cover and our colleagues are all DBS checked.

Store Openings

We offer wide options to make your company launch day bigger and more effective. From bespoke balloon decor to clown show we are here to support you with our competitive prices!

Clown Show

Bring positive attention and laugh to your event with a clown show. It is a perfect entertainment for engagement or wedding parties, corporate events, children parties and anniversary celebrations.

Balloon Decor

Shogen organisation services

Everyone loves balloons! We provide most imaginative Balloon Decorations so you could have your party exactly as you imagined. Balloons are certainly an excellent and joyful contribution to all indoor and outdoor events like weddings, birthday parties, store openings or baby showers.


Workshops for 3 to 6 years old Children
Our workshops aims to help children to increase their self-confidence, encourage them speak their mind freely and improve their social skills while creating ‘a new thing’ with fellow children. During workshop they’ll show handcraft skills and learn how to improve it. They’ll enter a creative world by cutting shaping building putting things together by themselves and their fellow’s. Teaming with other children whom not familiar to them, cooperating to complete the task they are given will improve listening, sharing and gaining ideas from others and making new friends skills. We ensure you they would be leaving the workshop a huge bright smile with sparkling in their eyes. Subject of the workshops listed as below:

  • Puppet
  • Making Toys
  • Decoration blank t-shirt
  • Balloon Decoration

Workshops for Adults

Our workshops are designed for aspiring actors for focusing on the key acting techniques and skills that necessary for any actor serious about working in the industry today. We aim with these short acting workshops to help young actors find their inner voice, to show their uniqueness which would help find representation and work across film, TV and theatre.

  • Basic acting
  • Clown-comedy